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Commodity partner expands in UK with Aztek acquisition

Commodity partner expands in UK with Aztek acquisition

One year after Cargo-Partner began operations in the UK with its first office in Manchester, the company is now finalizing its acquisition of Aztec International, which initially acquired a one-third stake in 2021. The move has seen the UK team grow from 13 to 55 employees at three locations over the past 15 months.

Stephen Crater, CEO of Cargo-Partners, explains the strategic reason behind this investment: “We have been working with Aztek for 15 years and have supported each other in growing and developing our business from the beginning. This acquisition will significantly add to our current service portfolio in the UK, especially on the road collection. In addition, the greatly expanded team will continue to successfully support the delivery of our customer supply chains across Europe and the management of complex Brexit customs requirements.

In addition to supporting customers with post-Brexit customs procedures, the logistics service provider is particularly focused on express solutions for time-critical transportation. Since opening the office, the Cargo Partner Group has successfully handled numerous emergency air cargo shipments to customers in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, retail and consumer goods industries.

Cargo Partner has traditionally had a very strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe Eastern EuropeBut recently more investment to improve it Balance Expanding further into Western Europe. In addition to having branches in Germany and Penelox for over 20 years, Cargo-Partner has recently expanded its network to include Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain.