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Comment – A space for the wealthy only? – Ebersberg

The additional insurance to secure a place on Elder Island later would be unfair. Other financing solutions are needed

How can you ensure that a minimum of 45,000 euros is collected each year for the management of the island of the elderly in Glone? Hubert Radin, the future director of Elder Island, said one of the institutions had already agreed to contribute €20,000 annually. But this still lacked a significant portion of the money. So Martin Lechner’s approach to the idea of ​​constantly closing the funding gap or at least narrowing it is very commendable – he was the only one among the panelists who came up with a concrete idea. However, the district should urgently refrain from implementing housing insurance, as contribution payments guarantee a place in the future. The concept is morally unjustified and apart from that it raises strong doubts about whether it can even be implemented in practice.

Many people do not have enough money at all for voluntary insurance, such as elderly insurance. Or will they have to do without things that are not necessary in life, but still far from considered a luxury: insurance for the elderly or birthday gifts for their grandchildren? Hospice insurance or trips with young children? Inevitably, people with meager financial resources should give way to high-income earners. Palliative care for the dying is only for the rich, everyone is unlucky – that would be a mistake. Everyone has the right to dignity, regardless of the size of their wallet.

Another problem is feasibility: assuming the “insured person” reports a need, but all six places on Elder Island are already occupied – then what? Expulsion of an “uninsured” resident is out of the question. However, making those who have paid for housing insurance for years to wait, perhaps for weeks or months – until a place becomes available again – is at odds with the meaning of insurance. More ideas would be needed in order to be able to operate Elder Island without any long-term deficits.