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Comet Leonard flies across Earth this weekend

Comet Leonard flies across Earth this weekend

Comet “C/2021 A1 Leonard” will fly over Earth at the end of next week. It can be seen in the morning sky.

The basics in brief

  • Comet “C/2021 A1 Leonard” was discovered at the beginning of the year.
  • This will now fly over Earth at the end of next week.
  • However, this is at a distance of 34 million km.

Comet «C / 2021 A 1 Leonard »It will fly over Earth next weekend and could be visible in the morning sky. closest distance to it The Union of Friends of the Stars announced that he will be arriving Sunday morning. However, it is still within a “respectable distance” of 34 million km.

if weather Dawn can be seen on the eastern horizon between 6 and 7 on Sunday.

Not a bright scene with Comet Leonard

« For a bright look This Tail Star wouldn’t be a sight worry,” says Sternfreunde. But it should be easy to spot with binoculars or a telescope.

“This visit to Comet Leonard is not a celestial bright event. But he will be the only one for us,” Stars Friends shared. After revolving around the sun in a wide arc, the celestial body will disappear in the vastness of space.

Comets from the early days of our solar system

He will never return to the solar system. « C / 2021 A 1 Leonard “The first comet discovered this year was on January 3rd.

Seen by Gregory J. Leonard at Mount Lemon Observatory in Arizona, USA.

Comets are billions of years old, and have arisen since the early days of our solar system. It is made up of a mixture of ice, dust and rocks.

When a comet approaches the Sun, its core begins to evaporate. Forms a dense cloud of dust and gas. The comet’s tail appears later.

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