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Colonialism: The American Pipeline offers millions in redemption money

Colonial, the largest petrol pipeline connector in the United States, has for the first time paid a $ 1 million ransom for a computer.Hacker Given. Colonial boss Joseph Blunt said he had authorized the Wall Street Journal to pay $ 4.4 million. “I know this is a very controversial decision.”

But the company was not sure about the extent of the system damage and could not estimate how long it would take for the pipeline to go back online. So the ransom is right in the interest of the country. “It’s not easy for me,” Blount said.

The pipeline operator was last week targeted by an extortionist Trojan. The largest pipe in terms of size United StatesThat Houston In the state Texas For the most part in New York, it was temporarily closed. Operations have now resumed, but the operator warned that it would take “several days” for the fuel supply to return to normal.

Panic purchases at US gas stations

After the hacker attack, some gas stations were open Dry on the east coast. Thousands of gas stations in eastern America ran out of gas on Wednesday, forming long queues at pumps that are still working. Authorities warned motorists not to put petrol in the trash after pictures of it were circulated on online sites.

The ransom was paid in bitcoin on May 7, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, the encryption tools provided by the hackers in return may not be sufficient to completely reset the system. U.S. officials are strongly encouraged to pay a ransom so as not to intimidate cybercriminals.