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Colombian senator criticizes government for buying planes – Brenza Latin

The president’s decision to buy more than 14 billion Colombian pesos ($ 4,500 million) worth of warplanes is morally unacceptable, while the politician wrote on social media Twitter when he announced the tax reform.

As we proposed in Congress, that figure would help finance the basic income of nine million people; Or funding zero admission for all students in the country for eight years reflected a member of the Green Party.

The presidential candidate for the 2022 election said the move would plunge the middle class into poverty and affect Colombia’s lowest-income sectors as a whole.

The militants, as revealed by several local media outlets, include maintenance, weapons, engineering support, infrastructure and technology in the same business that flies over Washington every July 4 to commemorate the F-16 Black 70, the American company Lockheed Martin’s Declaration of Independence.

Prominent departments and opposition parties have previously warned against investing in elements of war under the guise of combating criminal organizations operating in the country.

Earlier this month, Columbia Humana, founder of the political movement, Gustavo Pedro, a legislator and aspirant for the state’s highest office, described the Duke’s position as “the highest irresponsibility of a ruler”.

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