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Colombia: Possible volcanic eruption threatens about 57,000 people


The potential volcanic eruption threatens about 57,000 people

Due to a volcanic eruption in Colombia that has been threatening for weeks, authorities have begun bringing several people to safety.


Active volcano Nevado del Ruiz, seen from the perspective of the city of Manizales, in the province of Caldas.

Photo by Imago/Jorge Hurtado

  • The active Nevado del Ruiz volcano in western Colombia is likely to erupt soon.

  • About 57,000 people will be affected – evacuations have begun.

  • In 1985, more than 20,000 people were killed in a landslide after the Nevado del Ruiz eruption.

According to media reports, it was around the volcano Nevada Del Ruiz In the west of the country, by order of the authorities, the evacuation of about 40 families from the village of Villamaria has begun. For the recently applied volcano The second highest warning levelAccording to the authorities, an outbreak may be imminent. The country is preparing for this, among other things, by setting up an operations center to coordinate relief measures. President Gustavo Petro also called a meeting of the Security Council on Monday.

Authorities said seismic and volcanic activity in the 5,321-meter-high Nevado del Ruiz region had “increased significantly” since March 24. If the volcano erupts, approximately 57,000 people will be affected, 14,000 of them in cities.

“Continuous eruptive activity”

The State Institute of Geology said the volcano has shown “continuous eruptive activity” with “smaller events” over the past 10 years. It was mainly ash clouds.

Nevado del Ruiz is one of the 25 active volcanoes in Colombia. It is located on the Central Cordillera and Pacific Fire Belt. Its increased activity brought back memories of 1985 in the South American country. At that time, more than 20,000 people were killed in a mudslide after the Nevado del Ruiz eruption. It was the worst natural disaster in the country.

Again, the greatest danger to the population is a mudslide made up of ash, water and rock that can result from melting snow on the slopes of the volcano.

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