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Neue Kamera für Microsoft Surface Hub (Foto: Microsoft)

Collaboration: Microsoft introduces Surface Hub 2 Camera

Microsoft The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera lets business customers add a high-quality, Microsoft Teams-certified hybrid video conferencing camera to their meeting rooms. The camera is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and a 136-degree field-of-view lens, which can simultaneously focus on objects near (40 cm away) and far (8 m away). The device can be used in conference rooms of different sizes. To do this, the device’s automatic framing technology dynamically adjusts the room’s width when a person leaves the room, other people enter the room, or the person interacts with the content displayed on the screen.

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The camera’s AI control uses a specially developed algorithm to ensure that people appear evenly in a room with different lighting conditions. The camera attaches via a magnetic attachment on the top edge of the Surface Hub 2S and thanks to the USB-C connection, it’s compatible with existing Surface Hub 2S devices in 50 and 85 inches. From May 31, 2022, the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be available with the Surface Hub 2 smart camera included.