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CoD: Warzone - Cheaters use a glitch to kill players from underneath the new map

CoD: Warzone – Cheaters use a glitch to kill players from underneath the new map

From Michael Miskolen
A few days after the introduction of the new 1984 edition of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone, the cheaters found a bug in which they could access the map at certain locations and from there carry out unfair kills.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, players have already figured out how to malfunction the new 1984 version of Verdansk Map – just two days after the map was published. Players have reported being killed by enemies they cannot see. And that is at certain points on the map, such as the stadium or airport.

CoD: Warzone – How does a bug work?

The cause of “invisible” kills is an easy-to-execute bug that allows players to access both locations and kill invisible players from there. Reddit user WeeabooDude762 uploaded a video to the Warzone subreddit showing how easy it is to get to the bottom of the airport. The particularly annoying thing about the bugs is that players are also able to return to the normal playing area at will if the outer circle gets too close. The following video shows the killing of Reddit user ZELDA_AS_A_BOY by a player under the stadium.

Call of Duty: Warzone – piano control player kills well

So the bug took its course and a number of players complained about the exploitation on social networks. Sometimes this heavy flaw is especially annoying because Verdansk’s new map is only a few days old. The Verdansk’s old copy has been destroyed by nuclear weapons within Warzone saga. So far there is no information on when developer Raven Software will fix the vulnerability. Until then, players must be extremely careful on the field and in the airport. Of course, do not use this error yourself – the developer may be blocked.

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