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Cloudflare and therefore felt like half of the internet was down

Cloudflare and therefore felt like half of the internet was down

06/21/2022, 09:0806/21/2022, 10:58 AM

Cloudflare experienced a global network outage on Tuesday morning. As a result, millions of Internet services, that is, websites, Application And online games, not available. Among other things, the chat service Discord, the delivery service JustEat, but also many other news and websites in the world were affected. Switzerland and other countries.

When Cloudflare crashes, it also happens to many well-known online services.Screenshot:

The serious disturbance was noticed by US company Cloudflare at 08:34. In the meantime, Cloudflare has been able to fix the flaw according to its own statement. The company wrote, “The bug has been fixed and we are monitoring the results.” Their system status page. A little after ten in the morning, the company gave it all up. No further details were initially provided about the cause of the disturbance.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is one of the largest Content Delivery Network (CDN) operating on the Internet. Simply put, Cloudflare distributes the content of websites and online services to Cloudflare servers around the world, so that content is delivered faster.

So companies use Cloudflare services to increase the performance of websites and online services. The downside to this: If Cloudflare has technical problems, millions of websites are affected in one fell swoop.

Service providers like Cloudflare also use online services to protect themselves from DDOS attacks, such as overload attacks. Customers include, for example, IBM, Uber, Fitbit, and Mozilla.

How does Cloudflare work

The US company’s technology helps websites stay accessible even with very large amounts of short-term data – whether it’s natural causes or a DDoS attack. To do this, Cloudflare uses what is called a content delivery network with servers around the world on all continents. According to the company, the servers operate in 270 data centers in more than 100 countries. Thus, DDoS attacks are intercepted before the automated requests reach the website, which will be paralyzed. Disclosure site Wikileaks is also a Cloudflare customer.

Cloudflare has experienced multiple outages in the past, such as in july And the August 2020 “This is not a good sign for a company promoting its services as a way to reduce downtime,” hung American technology portal The Verge.


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