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Climate sticker discontinued by employees at the Volkswagen plant

Climate sticker discontinued by employees at the Volkswagen plant

Volkswagen plant

The climate labels did not count on frenzied Büezern

Five activists infiltrated a Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg to stay there. But their plan is stopped by VW employees.


Climate adhesives wanted to stick to the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, but were prevented from doing so by employees.

  • Climate activists join a visitor’s tour of a Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg.

  • Once there, they wanted to hold on to themselves.

  • Factory personnel quickly intervened and prevented the procedure.

Five activists from “Aktion Autofrei” sneaked into the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg on Monday night for a guided tour. This way they wanted to get stuck in the manufacturing facility and stop or at least hinder production. But her plan failed.

The car continued to be produced

Volkswagen factory employees can climate stickers Deter them from their project. “This can be prevented with swift action by employees,” a Volkswagen spokesperson said. They intervened before the latter got stuck. The line was briefly discontinued, but the car’s production was not significantly affected, “Focus” reports.

No one was injured at work. After Volkswagen employees intervened, the police recorded the activists’ personal details.

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