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Climate activists commit to BMW at Munich Museum

Climate activists commit to BMW at Munich Museum

Climate activists stuck to cars at the BMW Museum in Munich. They are calling for the decarbonization of traffic and a nine euro ticket.

Climate activists commit to BMW in Munich. – Twitter / @ScientistRebel1


The basics in brief

  • At the BMW Museum in Munich, climate activists stick to a car.
  • They are calling on Germany to admit its failure in climate policy.
  • They hung stickers on several cars and caused extensive property damage.

BMW is the latest The goal of climate activists had become. On Saturday, 13 members of the “Scientist Rebellion” group stuck themselves in a car in a BMW World in Munich. They poured a liquid liquid on the car and put several stickers in the museum.

The newspaper “Bild”, citing police, also reported that six other cars were covered with paint. A total of 40 emergency services have been deployed Release the activists And they arrested her. The exhibition had to be closed temporarily.

Persons are being investigated for trespassing and property damage. So the damage is several tens of thousands euro advanced. In addition, the incorrect setting of the fire alarm is investigated. However, it is not clear who caused this.

Activists posted in Twitter Video of work and their demands. They demand that Germany admit its failure on climate policy and that the 1.5-degree target is unattainable. «People’s lives are in danger and Government Do not admit it, activists write.

How do you find the actions of climate activists?

They also call for steps to be taken to decarbonize the transport sector. Specifically, speed limits must be entered on all highways and The nine-euro ticket must be returned.

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