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Clear cut in Vögele Shoes in Aarau

Clear cut in Vögele Shoes in Aarau

Lenzburg / Aarau / Unterentfelden

Branch closure: clear lightning in Vögele . shoes

Branches in Aarau, Linzburg and Unternfelden will be closed. The company is giving away a total of 36 sites.

Everything has to go: The Vögele Shoes branch in Lenzburg is closed.

Anya Sutter

Vögele is one of the traditional names in the Swiss shoe trade. Vögele Shoes has been an asset to retail in many places. In some cases the best titles. The company has been selling its shoes in Aarau on Bahnhof for a long time. In 2010, the Karl Vögele Group operated nearly 300 branches across the country. Last week, it became known that the Vögele group has changed hands again.

Total sales of shares

Just three years later, Polish shoe retailer CCC, which is heavily internet-oriented, has lost interest in stationary shoe retailer Vögele in Switzerland. He sold the shops to a German couple. This is driving the restructuring forward at a rapid pace. As part of the sale of the company, there is also a total sale of shares. This got ready on Friday. Under the previous owners, the range was not sufficiently oriented towards Swiss customers, and this is now being corrected, Vögele CEO Max Bertschinger explained to “NZZ”. At the same time, another 36 branches were suddenly closed, so that in the future Vögele Shoes will have only 80 stores. These include such as arao, which until recently were considered quite safe.

20 to 30 employees lose their jobs

The sites that will be affected by the closure have not yet been reported. What is certain is that storefronts at branches in Aarau and Linzburg (in the barn) and Unterentfelden (in the jump) are lined with red “We are closing this branch” stickers. Because of the new restructuring, 20 to 30 out of 600 employees will lose their jobs, according to “NZZ.” The shoe business has been under a lot of pressure for some time due to the internet. In May 2020, shoe retailer Pasito-Fricker (which had a branch in Aarau) went bankrupt. Vögele Shoes reported a loss of 37 million francs in fiscal year 2020, NZZ reported. Sales fell about 30 percent to just under 112 million francs.