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Class wins twice and runner-up on the 24 hour weekend


Christopher Rink: Two wins in two rows and runner-up in the 24-hour weekend

Christopher Rink takes a look at a successful weekend – Photo: private
Friday 11 June 2021

For Christopher Rink, the 24-hour weekend at the Nürburgring ended with great success. At the start of the Youngtimer Cup at the 24h Classic, the auto entrepreneur from Maintal, who lives in Frankfurt, won his class in both cars. In addition, Rink led his apprentice Daniel Niermann to the podium with successful driver training at RCN and went on to finish second in the production V2T class in the shortest 24 Hours race ever.

“I had a lot of fun at the weekend because it was very diverse and, moreover, it was very successful. Initially, I was on the road as a driver coach for RCN and took care of Daniel Niermann. Daniel was able to carry out my advice very well in the cockpit and achieved an excellent result with a position Class 3. The joy of such a result is just as wonderful to me as when I turn the wheel myself. This was followed by my first appearance in the 24 Hours Classic and it was great to be on the road with the esteemed vehicles. Certainly this will not be my last start in this event. It was an unforgettable experience,” Rinke smiled afterwards.

Big success for Scuderia Offenbach

Together with fellow clubman Christoph Renick, Christopher Rehnke grabbed the steering wheel of the 158th Opel Kadett CGT/E (31 Class over 1,600 to 2,000 cc) in the 24 Hour Classic under the “Scuderia Offenbach eV” app, and began With Stefan Reuter and Herbert Neumann on the #462 BMW E36325i (Class 52 to 3000 cc). From the start, the difficult and changing Eifel weather shaped the events in the Nürburgring Nordschleife and rain qualities were required.

“I feel very comfortable under these conditions and was able to put our #462 BMW E36325i in the top ten overall in the first part of qualifying and at the front of our class. The car felt great and well-groomed. After that, the track unfortunately dried up a bit and times went down accordingly. However, it was enough for us to take first place. In the end, Stefan set another solid time,” said Rink, who was able to draw attention to himself with the car during the race. The Frankfurt man not only defended his class lead during his first mission, but he also burned the car’s fastest lap in the asphalt. His teammates also managed to impress under the changing difficult circumstances and achieve a class win and an impressive sixth place overall with 145 players on the finish line.

With the #158 Opel Kadett C GT/E, the starting position after qualifying was very promising. Here was the third place in the class. “I had to get used to the Opel Kadett a little more, but it worked better and better from lap to lap. Kristoff managed to boost third place at the start of the race, but unfortunately got a little stuck in traffic. So we lost about 40-50secs for the two leaders in the beginning “.

After the race management had to interrupt the race due to heavy rain and several accidents for safety reasons, the battle for class victory began again. Rink took the restart and crossed the finish line as the class winner after the remaining three race laps. “It was really exciting right up until the end. Our main competitor in the class was eliminated shortly before the end due to transmission issues, which is why we took the lead at the end without a fight. Otherwise it would have been really hard on the track. After I switched to tyres. Rain from the preliminary lap, I took big strides close to it.”

With this, Christopher Rink immediately scored a double victory in his first 24-hour appearance in the Classic. “I would like to thank both teams very much for the opportunity to participate. We can be very happy with these great results. At the same time, this is also a huge success for my local club, Scuderia Offenbach EV. Our president had his birthday this weekend, so With the win we gave him the best gift.”

2nd place in the 24th anniversary for ten years لمدة

In his 10th participation in the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring, Christopher Rink was also aiming for a class victory. Along with Daniel Ziels, Danny Brink and Philip Stahlschmidt, he drove the BMW 330i G20 #330 Mainhattan-Wheels from Adrenalin Motorsport in the challenging production V2T class. But in the end he had to admit defeat. “Second place is a result that we can definitely be satisfied with, given the size of the class. Of course we wanted to win, but we made a lot of little mistakes in the first stage of the race. Congratulations to the FK Performance team.”

Rink’s teammate Philipp Stallschmidt started the race from second on the grid and initially managed to consolidate his position. After a few laps, a decision was made to switch from rain tires to slicks, but Eiffel showed no mercy. Just when it seemed that the weather was improving and the tactic could work, torrential rain fell in some places in the Nordschleife. As a result, the team had to go to the pits again to get back on the rain tires. “After that, we unfortunately took a wrong decision in the tire lottery and as a result we lost a lot of time in our competition.”

However, with the two-time NLS champion team still in the lead, they benefited from a decision by the race management that evening. For safety reasons, the race was halted after about six hours due to increased fog. For the restart, which can only take place on a Sunday afternoon after a 14.5-hour break, the remnants have been neutralized.

“We were of course happy at first because it brought us back into the winning range in the class. However, compared to our direct competitors, we still had to add time after the restart because we had to make up for the longer downtime in the pits.” Since then, Rink and his teammates have given each something and took the lead with the #330 BMW 330i G20. But the lead on the track was not enough in the end to stay on top after stopping. In the end, they crossed the finish line in second place, with a difference of 25 seconds. (m) +++