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CL Final: Manchester City vs Inter Milan

CL Final: Manchester City vs Inter Milan

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Will jumping jack become a hero again in the final between Man City and Inter?

The Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan will be held in Istanbul on Saturday. In 2005, the finale turned into a drama in its own right.


Man City scored beautifully against Real Madrid in the semi-final.


  • The first-class final will be played in Istanbul on Saturday.

  • Manchester City won for the first time, or Inter Milan for the fourth time.

  • We answer the most important questions about the endgame.

It is the game of all matches in European football: the UEFA Champions League Final. Manchester City and Inter Milan meet in Istanbul on Saturday (live from 9 pm with us). We answer the most important questions about the football match of the year.

Who is the favorite?

Definitely Manchester City. The all-star group around Norwegian force of nature Erling Haaland beats almost all the bookmakers and experts, and Inter Milan are only given outside chances in the final in Istanbul. The English champions and FA Cup winners can complete the treble title this season with their first win in the top flight. On the other hand, Inter won the most important European club competition three times (1964, 1965, 2010).

Which players should you pay special attention to?

Especially in Halland. Man City acquired him from Borussia Dortmund as the missing piece to the puzzle of winning the Champions League last summer. “We don’t have to hide it,” said the 22-year-old. For Turkish national player Hakan Calhanoglu, who previously played on the ball for Hamburg and Leverkusen, the final in Istanbul is a “dream” and “magic”. According to UEFA, if they win, the Inter playmaker will become the first Champions League winner.

Does the Swiss also draw attention to himself?

Yes, and how! Nate defender Manuel Akanji has become an integral part of Pep Guardiola’s formation. Winterthurer comes up with very strong performances for the citizens. Should the 27-year-old win the First Division with City, he would be the first Swiss to achieve the treble with his club in ten years. In 2013, Xherdan Shaqiri won the Champions League, the Bundesliga title and the DFB Cup with Bayern Munich.

In 2005 the final took place in Istanbul – what happened there?

Drama unfolded at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium: Milan led 3-0 against Liverpool at half-time and the win looked as good as ever. But the Reds came back, after 90 minutes the score was 3: 3. The penalty shootout had to decide, there the Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek became the champion of Liverpool, he confused the Italian shooters with the movements of the jumping jack on the goal line.

Dudek became a hero.


Why is judgment the focus?

Szymon Marciniak is considered one of the best players in his field, but before the final match, Pole’s off-field appearance caused a stir. It became public in the media that Marciniak had participated in an event hosted by politician Slomir Mintzen of the right-wing nationalist and Eurosceptic Confederasia party as a guest speaker. UEFA decided against a substitute, Because the referee has apologized and is insuredHe was unaware of his association with the far-right movement. The pressure on the FIFA referee, who also officiated the World Cup final in Qatar between Argentina and France, is likely to be greater than usual.

Why is it also an Emirati duel against China?

In City vs Inter, there is also a duel between the United Arab Emirates and China – it is about the owners of the two clubs. The Citizens have been in the hands of a ruling family from Abu Dhabi since 2008, and the City Football Group (CFG) has been in existence since 2013. China’s Suning Holdings Group has been in charge at Inter since 2016.

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