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City Hall promises to help: more space for Potsdamer Tafel - Potsdam

City Hall promises to help: more space for Potsdamer Tafel – Potsdam

Potsdam – Tafel Food Station for the needy, which has space issues, and Potsdam’s soup kitchen may soon have larger storage and service capacities. Corresponding talks to increase these capabilities have now been confirmed by the Social Department at the request of City Councilman Sasha Kramer (left). The goal, for example, is to engage Potsdam neighborhood sponsors and meeting houses for “the option of decentralized supply within the framework of cooperation”, according to the management of Deputy Brigitte Meyer (SPD): “A corresponding draft resolution is being developed for the city council”.

The application of the suspension of admission continues on the board

time is running out. Local politician Kramer made his request against the background of a freeze on new clients’ admission, which the board of directors had to impose at the beginning of June. At that time, the capacities of the Voluntary Social Agency, which supplies the needy with unsold food from supermarkets from its station on Drewitzer Straße, were completely exhausted. Tafel President Emke Eisenplatry BNN said the admission freeze remains in place. The upshot is that needy people have to be turned away week after week – which is also a burden on employees. A total of 1,750 people are currently being supplied with food. According to Eisenblatt, it may be more if you have a new logistics base in which more people can fill out food packages at the same time, for example. Now there is enough space for only 20 assistants. “It’s just too tight.” In this regard, she hopes for a successful conclusion of talks with the city administration – especially since it is expected that more people will need such support due to the energy crisis.