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City council buries parking spaces in Walther-Bringolf-Platz

City council buries parking spaces in Walther-Bringolf-Platz

As part of the modernization of the various public spaces in the Old Town, Walter Bringolf Platz will be modernized. The city of Schaffhausen provided information about this at a media conference today. With the upgrade, almost all parking spaces in the arena will be eliminated.

This is how automated traffic is canceled. This affects not only the “Walter-Bringolf-Platz”, but also the Repfergasse of Pfrundhausgasse, as well as the Safran-, Krumm- and Stadthausgasse. Access is still guaranteed for everyone who depends on it, such as deliveries, collection, ways to get to existing garages, people with limited mobility, etc.

Disabled-only parking spaces will remain on site. Since people regularly search for free parking spaces there, the “great added value” for people walking and staying in this area can be eliminated. According to the city of Schaffhausen, due to the low use of public parking spaces and the capacity of the multi-storey car parks, there are sufficient parking spaces in and around the old town.

Based on the new traffic and use concept of Schaffhausen, the modernization of Walter Bringolf Platz is scheduled after the construction of utility lines around the town hall square temporarily from the end of 2023 and thereafter with a new design. Improvement measures are planned for the temporary stage, which should provide more shade, additional seating and a shallow aquarium to improve access to well water, especially for children. Individual design elements are mobile and can be moved.

In order to find the best solution for the final design of “Walter Bringolf Platz”, a design competition will be announced. The results should be available by the end of 2023. The city plans to redesign the square by 2026. (research and development)