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Citizens should kill stray dogs in Kosovo

Because the government is still inactive

Citizens kill stray dogs in Kosovo

Kosovo has a dog problem. Too many animals roam. Citizens feel uncomfortable on the streets. Because the government hasn’t done much yet, citizens are taking action themselves – and killing dogs.


There are a lot of stray dogs in Kosovo. They surround public places. Here they are on Roundabout Island.

They lie on the side of the road, lurk in the alleys and huddle together. Kosovo has a dog problem. More and more stray dogs are running in the area. The number is now estimated at about 250,000 animals.bora“mentioned. It is said that there are 10,000 dogs in the capital, Pristina alone.

And fear among the population is growing. Many citizens feel threatened and are afraid of dogs. No wonder: animals often gather in groups and roam around in public places. In parks, on the beach and in crowded places.