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Cities with the highest number of cases of Govt-19 in Ecuador strengthen operations – Brenza Latin

In the country’s capital, Quito, where the number of victims has reached 104,791, authorities have agreed to keep the temporary care facility at the convention center open until March 31.

The decision was in response to hospital-admitted patients being cared for at full capacity and rooms available at health centers, while the waiting list for one bed reached 211 people.

Similarly, tightening of traffic control and tightening of controls is being assessed as reports continue to be leveled against citizens by members of the National and Cantonment Emergency Response Team with banned meetings and secret parties.

In Guayaquil, there are 28,000 cases, from 00:00 the new rules apply, which prohibit the consumption of alcohol on public roads, parking lots, parks, parked and circulating vehicles and outdoor homes.

At the same time, the time of business activities and events in hotels, lounges and convention centers will be up to 22:00 with previously approved capacity (30 per cent), while restaurants will operate only 50 per cent of their capacity.

On the other hand, due to the recurrence of infections, the regions of Loja in Manabe and Zapotilo in Sukra province decided to turn red in the epidemiological traffic light system that was adopted nationwide a year ago; In the other 14 places, an increase in morbidity and mortality due to the disease forced control measures.

An updated report by the Ministry of Public Health today confirmed a total of 325,124 SARS-CoV-2s, with a total of 16,746 deaths due to the virus and health emergency caused by COVID-19, of which 11,880 have been confirmed as condition and 4,866 deaths.

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