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Circle Building Committee: Solving the Planetarium Space Problem

Circle Building Committee: Solving the Planetarium Space Problem

For a while it looked as if the future of the Oettinger Albrecht-Ernst-Gymnasium (AEG) planetarium was in danger. For a short time it seemed as though there would be no more space for the observatory due to the demolition of parts of the building on the school campus and the new construction of the so-called “Intermediate Building”.

The idea that neither the school administration nor the political bodies in the city and the region want to reconcile with it. In the past few weeks, several options for a new planetarium have been developed and discussed with Headmaster Gunter Schmalich and Observatory Supervisor Ernst Krist. There is now a solution. A full planetarium room will be provided on the ground floor of the all-day AEG building. This is now also approved by the Donau Rizer County Council Construction Committee. The room size is adequate and the necessary blackout can be produced relatively easily due to small window areas, depending on the building management. Accessible from outside and toilets will be very close.

The committee took care of the topic because the county is the school sponsor of the Oettinger Gymnasium, and in addition to its actual mission, it is financially committed to stargazers. However, it will take some time before the new housing can be used. The building will not be ready for occupancy until the new building is completed, says Joachim Orenhammer, head of the buildings department. Options for the interim observatory are being considered during the construction period. The district administration estimates the costs of structural changes in the intended area at around 5,000 euros. Those responsible for the observatory’s new dome are assuming 10,000 euros. Additionally, according to Christ’s Supervisor, there are other investments in Planetarium equipment, which are applying to Rieser Sternenfreunde for grants from the region and the city. Oettingen You can ask. The political groups unanimously agreed to the solution that was reached. Reinhold Bettner (Parliamentary Group from CSU / AL-JB) spoke of a good solution. At the same time, he paid AEG director Gunter Shamalish respect for his constructive contribution in the search for a justifiable alternative.

Erwin Seeler (Parliamentary Group PWG / ÖDP / FDP) also welcomed the observatory’s approach and highlighted the region’s voluntary financial commitment to it. Rita Ortler (the Social Democrats) said that they have now found a “wonderful solution” that is in the interest of everyone involved.