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Chrome 100 Ready to Download: Internet Stress Test Begins

Chrome 100 Ready to Download: Internet Stress Test Begins

Chrome is the first browser to come out of the shell and make it to version 100. Stands for windowsAnd the linux And the Mac Already ready to download. The topic of three-digit copy numbers has been on the table of many IT experts for a long time, and the exciting question now is whether or not everyone has done their homework?

We assume that there will definitely be one problem or the other, because Chrome is the most used browser of all time. A major disaster is unlikely due to the release of Chrome 100. Google has also been testing the three-digit version number for some time and is offering options to restrict transmission. fire fox By the way, it has not yet been done. Version 99 is due next week.

Chrome 100 version in user agent

For the first time, the Chrome 100 user agent provides a three-digit version number.

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The Chrome user agent looks a little complicated, but once you spot the word “Chrome” in it, it’s followed by the version number. If the user agent is now evaluated incorrectly and only the first two digits of the version number are read instead of ‘100’, you will go back to Chrome 10 and you will be locked because that version is out of date.

With the Chrome flag (chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-100), you can practically test version 100 beforehand. If you are now having issues with Chrome 100, you can freeze the state at 99 with flag (chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-second).