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Christina's girlfriend feels 'attractive'

Christina’s girlfriend feels ‘attractive’

Some of you can learn part of this! Luca Hanni’s girlfriend, Christina Luft, shows her fans how self-confidence works.

The basics in brief

  • Luca Hanes Christina has been on stage over and over for years.
  • No wonder a professional dancer explodes with self-confidence!

Self-confident, more self-confident, Christina Luft (31!)

Luca Hanni (27 years old) and Christina toured for a whole month “let’s go dancing” through Germany. One evening after another it was said: swing hips!

but a break Busy lovebirds don’t even get into the bag. Because hardly dance– The tour is over, Luca must go back to «masked singer Switzerland »antanzen. Because the Byrne singer is once again part of this year’s TV show rate jury.

He is, of course, accompanied by his girlfriend Christina. This appears in Fentelli behind the scenes Instagram Now what does it mean to be confident.

under hers Spiegel They are small note sticks. She says, “I’m sexy and I know it!” She sticks her tongue out rudely. Hue!

One or the other can certainly learn a piece of that self-confidence.

Are you sure?

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