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Christina Luft's stinky dancer friends are against him!

Christina Luft’s stinky dancer friends are against him!

Luca Haney danced with Christina Luft in the “Let’s Dance” professional challenge. Christina’s dancing friends are angry.

The basics in brief

  • Luca Hani and Christina danced again last week with “Let’s Dance”.
  • Not everyone was happy: Christina’s dancing friends found this “forbidden”.
  • After all, it was a professional challenge and Luca wasn’t.

Last Friday night, all eyes were on Luca Hanni (26) and Christina Luft (31). Because the lovebirds slipped in “let’s go dancing”– Professional challenge together on the dance floor. For the first time As official lovers!

The masses were over the moon. And Luca and Cristina also had reason to be happy, because the pair reached third place.

But Lucas’ participation as “unprofessional” was not well received by everyone. On the contrary, Christina’s dancing friends find: The The Swiss pop star was Nothing is missing there!

Eric Klan (33) And it’s too late to wake up (33) Stink in their podcast «dance or not at all.” Against the singer: “Why should Luca Hänni take part in the professional challenge? “

This is a “no-go” for him and he knows other professionals weren’t happy about it either. “But please let the legends dance among themselves,” professional dancer Oana says. Ouch!

Do you think Luca Haney was out of place in the Pro Challenge?

The two made it clear that they loved Luca. But with the professionalsdance– Competition, it was misplaced in her opinion. In the end, the challenge was released so that it is not about promise Go Oana!

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