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Christina Hani is touring with Luca for the first time

Christina Hani is touring with Luca for the first time

On the road with the dream duet “Let’s Dance”.

First time: Christina Hani accompanies her husband Luca on tour

03:03 minutes

Behind the scenes at “Let’s Dance” dream duet.

Christina and Luca Hanni provide insight into touring life

On tour with the Hannes family!

2023 has been the year so far for “Let’s Dance” dream couple Luca and Cristina. After their romantic wedding in the summer, the two went on their honeymoon – and are currently traveling together again. Christina accompanies her husband on his tour for the first time. Will the two perform as well on stage as they do on “Let’s Dance”? Mr and Mrs Haney accompanied us with the camera – in the video above, Lucy and Christina give very special behind-the-scenes insights. is now also available on WhatsApp – try it here!

Cristina also supports Luca on stage

Cristina and Luca Hani together on stage

Cristina and Luca Hani together on stage

from right to left

His newlywed wife is currently accompanying the singer on his concert tour – or in other words: Christina is alone among men. Luca and his boys are not at all accustomed to visiting ladies backstage. But his wife is coping very well, says the 29-year-old: “Christina is joining in on the fun too!“Yes, Mrs. Hani gets excited when someone she loves is on stage. She also gets involved in the events herself. In two of his songs, Christina supports her husband not only behind the stage, but on stage as well, as seen in the video above.

In the video: From dancing to duet “Let’s Dance” – this is how Christina and Luca found each other

Luca Hani and Christina Loft agreed to their themed wedding

02:36 minutes

Wedding “Let’s Dance”.

Luca Haney and Christina Loft said yes

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