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Christian Messner reorganizes his management team

Christian Messner reorganizes his management team

Christian Meissner, who recently became the new president of Credit Suisse Investment Bank, is the COO.

Warren Young And the Elodie Blanc Co-management of the investment bank Credit Suisse (CS) in his capacity as Operations Director. they follow Amy HudsonWho slips into the position of head of business development, such as the news agency «Bloomberg» To an internal note writes CS.

Young will be based in New York, where he is currently Head of Strategy and Chief Operating Officer of Capital Markets. It was said that Blanc stayed in London. There she held the position of Vice President of Capital Markets and Advisory for Europe.

After its massive loss of 5 billion Swiss francs, CS Investment has to reduce risk with Archegos Capital. She said Hudson will move from New York to San Francisco to live with her family, but will remain on the investment bank’s management committee.

How should Switzerland come to terms with its failed framework agreement with the European Union?

  • A new proposal for a framework agreement with the European Union is needed.

  • Existing bilateral agreements must continue to be enforced.

  • Switzerland has to conclude agreements with the European Union in some areas.

  • Switzerland should distance itself from the European Union.

  • Switzerland should develop closer relations with other countries.