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Christian Dürer has become the new Head of Communications at Migros

Christian Dürer has become the new Head of Communications at Migros

Christian Dürer, former editor-in-chief of Blick Group, will lead communications for the Migros Cooperative Association (MGB) and Migros Media from February 2024. Dürer was on leave from Ringer last March.

Christian Dürer.Image: Cornerstone

At MGB, Dürer is responsible for the strategic communication objectives and coordination of Migros Group communications, Migros announced on Tuesday. In coordination with Migros Supermarket AG’s marketing communications, he also holds press responsibility for Migros’ media outlets.

With a team of around 50 employees, Dorer will provide communications support in particular to the transformation process in the context of the upcoming reorganization of the supermarket and hypermarket business of the Migros Group, according to the media release. The 48-year-old reports directly to the head of the MGB’s General Directorate, Mario Erminger.

In his last job, Durer was executive vice president and editor-in-chief of the Blick Group at the media company Ringier. In March of this year, Dürer was sent on leave for six months and did not return to his old employer. Ringier wrote at the time that there were allegations of preferential treatment for a certain group of employees and a lack of clear distinction between the private sector and companies. (Saw/SDA)

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