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Chris Rock is now talking about the Oscar slap

Chris Rock is now talking about the Oscar slap

Millions have seen Will Smith’s slap in the face, but one has been silent – until now. Now comedian Chris Rock has said his words.

Will Smith describes host Chris Rock as a slap in the face at the Academy Awards. – ABC

The basics in brief

  • Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on Oscar night.
  • A lot has happened since then – including now Chris Rock.

This slap saw millions and millions are talking about. Including the perpetrators and HollywoodStar Will Smith (53).

So far, the reason has been and Mediator Chris Rock (57). But now he is expressing himself HollywoodThe star of the first thing happened on Oscar night last weekend.

At one of his improv shows in Boston, Chris Rock greeted his audience with “Hey, how was the weekend?”. This is what Variety magazine reported.

But then he said there would be no jokes about the slap (yet). Rock will still “process it all”.

“There will come a moment when I will talk about everything,” the comedian continued. “And it would be serious and funny too.”

organizers Oscars Smith was asked to leave the room after he slapped Chris Rock.

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Will Smith “refused to do so”.

She added that the actor violated the academy’s code of conduct. Including “inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior and interference with the integrity of the Academy.”

Should Smith give up the Oscar?

Will Smith must “at least 15 days” before a vote The Board of Directors is notified of potential penalties. He should also have the opportunity to make a written statement.

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