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CHL: Winterthur is in first place - they will rise - sports

CHL: Winterthur is in first place – they will rise – sports


About a third of the workload was played in the Challenge League. Winterthur leader. We can dream about it.

FC Winterthur is an example of the second division in Switzerland – in terms of league membership, of course. No other club has played the same number of matches in the Second Division as FCW.

From 1944 to 2003, Winterthur played just over 1,000 games in what was then the NLB. This is much more than the first performances of “The Chaser” (FC Aarau). And since the league was renamed the Challenge League in 2003, Winty has been the leader. The Zurich-based club is the only club that regularly participates. Accumulated over 600 encounters with ChL.

Is this supposed to end soon? Admittedly, only about a third of the workload was played in 2021/22. But Winterthur tops the table with just one defeat. So it is not entirely absurd to imagine the Challenge League without the three-time champion of Switzerland (the last one in 1917).

A club here and now – but with a vision

If you talk to the heroes in Schützenwiese, it’s still a long way to go. Neither with Managing Director Andreas Mosley nor with coach Ralph Loos or Captain Granit Lecage, the Ph.D. is the dominant topic. But what also turns out: you can climb in Winterthur – and you want to be armed.

“We are working hard in the background to prepare. So let’s be somewhat prepared if it works out,” Mosley says. “Going up is just a dream at the moment,” says the FCW veteran. A lot could still happen.” Winterthur last played in the 1984/85 season in the Senate.

Mosley says he sees a “certain longing” for the Premier League in the region. Combined with skepticism and the question of what it will be like there like FC Winterthur.

Longing yes, no pressure

Winterthur’s last promotion was more than two decades ago (from Division I to the National Basketball Association). But the one who is familiar with the progress is the coach. Loose – In 2005/06 coach at FC St. Gallen for ten months – led sports fans such as Siegen (2005) and Dynamo Dresden (2011) to the second Bundesliga.

The longtime BVB player is hitting the ecstasy brakes right now: “We have to leave the church in the village.” “There is still a long way to go,” Captain Leckage also warns. The 31-year-old assures us that there is no pressure to climb in Winterthur.

And so, after the national team’s break on Friday in Everdun, the captain returned to the tournament with a relaxed look. True to the motto: “Anything can do, nothing has to do.”