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"Chip" has chosen the best mobile network in Austria »Leaderzent

“Chip” has chosen the best mobile network in Austria »Leaderzent

German technology magazine has taken a closer look at the mobile networks Magenta, A1 and Drei.

As in previous years, the German specialized magazine chip They tested Austria’s mobile networks again this year. Overall, Magenta, A1 and Drei performed well again. However, there can only be one winner – this is called Magenta in the current chip network test. Last year’s A1 winner came in second, followed by three. One reason for the change at the top is the rapid expansion of Austrian 5G networks, which seem to be going well with Magenta.

#1 in three categories

The domestic mobile operator is the test winner in the categories “Internet”, “telephone” and “5G” and again achieves the highest mark of “Very good”. After obtaining the latest awards with the highest score “Outstanding” in ConnectionThe test will also date the color purple chip The test was awarded again to the powerful mobile network. With an overall score of 1.2, Magenta is very close to A1 (1.3). Dre also did well with a score of 1.5.

The overall score at a glance © Chip

“Important confirmation”

“We are delighted that Chip has once again given our mobile network such good marks,” says Andreas Berwirth, CEO of Magenta Telekom. “The very good test results are an important confirmation of the continuation of our path: in the coming years we have decided to launch an investment offensive to expand broadband in Austria and invest about 1 billion euros in the expansion of the fiber-optic and 5G cable network by the end of 2025. Our network has proven to be the strong backbone during the pandemic and has managed Than to handle the sharp increase in size without any problems.

Across Austria by car, train or on foot

a team chip with a measuring partner nchik I tested the quality of the mobile network. Measurements taken by car, train and on foot were analyzed. The basis for assessing network quality in long-distance trains are measurements made by a team using special equipment. They traveled 640 km. metrics from nchik A total of about 7,900 kilometers traveled across Austria to test the network – from Lake Constance in the west to Burgenland in the east. They examined five large cities, ten medium cities, and 20 small cities in more detail. Two cars equipped with gauges traveled 2,700 kilometers in these cities. They traveled 1,650 kilometers on highways and country roads. Additionally, a team with two backpacking systems was on the road. They not only checked the quality of the network on long-distance trains, but also walked and used public transport through the inner cities of Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg. Here they measured for 50 hours.

5G is crucial to victory

Another team was only interested in the quality of the 5G network. The car traveled more than 1,500 kilometers through different cities. In addition, it has conducted 5G measurements on highways and country roads at a distance of 1,150 kilometers.

Magenta wins in the 5G category with a higher score of 1.3. Test teams certify that Magenta Telekom has 5G availability of more than 88 percent in major cities and more than 46 percent in rural areas along the tested routes. This value is much higher than the measurement result in the previous year. Telekom also gets a “good” score when browsing the web and making phone calls on the train. (ts)