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Chinese driving through flooded streets of Model 3, Tesla warns of damage

Similar to what happened before in Germany and parts of Europe, the consequences of torrential rains in China’s Henan Province have killed many people and left devastation since last week. Early chaos in the flood Make a video for a Tesla Model 3, her driver bravely drove onto a flooded street and seemed to have continued swimming for some time. Several recordings of this type have since been released – but now Tesla has warned China not to go too far.

Tesla warns of overconfidence

This was noted, on Monday, by observer @ray4tesla on Twitter, who previously distributed several videos of Teslas on Chinese flood roads. One comes from TikTok and shows, pictured inside, how two people are driving in a Tesla or across something that looks more like a low river than a road. The electric car pushes an arcing wave in front of it, which sometimes rolls over the windshield (see photo above). In another TikTok video, an excited observer comments on driving another Tesla through a waterway, as the Model 3 evades even another stationary vehicle.

Even if it’s at least one status on Twitter Old video of a Tesla in flood from another area It was shared, so it is clear that more Chinese dared to venture into the flooded streets with their Tesla cars. Anyway, according to the video excerpts posted so far, none of them have commented. However, Tesla appears to be taking some customers’ trust in the waterproofing of their electric cars too far: The company posted a post on Chinese social media Weibo stating that its own cars are not designed as electric boats, nor even as submarines. .

@Ray4tesla pointed this out on Twitter and his face Translation of Weibo . contribution of the Chinese in. It was designed as a customer’s answer to the question of whether you can still drive a Tesla when there’s water on the road. According to the answer, the company can guarantee the safety and function of the high voltage battery even under heavy rain. But this does not mean that Teslas can become a boat.

Cybertruck boot mode only

Specifically, the manufacturer also explains when you should think carefully, even with a Tesla, before indulging in street flooding, and why: “If water on the road reaches or exceeds the center of the rims, you should not drive through,” she says. According to @ray4tesla in the post. This is because the battery pack is equipped with a vent valve at this height, through which water can penetrate in such cases, leading to risks of serious problems.

It remains to be seen if this warning will help. In any case, it doesn’t appear that Tesla intends to repair any delayed damage to its electric cars that may have been caused by its brave flood rides for free. CEO Elon Musk should do Similar videos from USA He comments that the Model S can actually swim for a short time but highly advises against trying it. According to him, only the Internet truck can get something like the official boot mode.