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Chinese authorities make fun of Corona crisis in India on Weibo

Chinese authorities make fun of Corona crisis in India on Weibo

In India, improvised crematoria has yet to be used to cremate all the dead. Photo: Cornerstone

Chinese authorities make fun of Corona crisis in India on Weibo

A storm of indignation on the Chinese Weibo network: A horrific post appears at the expense of the Communist Party authority mocking the devastating case of Corona in India.

A Chinese authority caused a storm of indignation with a contribution to the Chinese network Weibo. Reason: the dramatic situation of Corona in in case Mocked him.

The post, which appeared on Weibo last Saturday, showed a photo of a missile being fired at China Next to a photo from India showing Covid victims being burned. Text of the text: “Start a fire in China versus light a fire in India”.

According to reports, the post was made public by the official account of the powerful Chinese law enforcement agency called the Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Communist Party. The agency has millions of followers on Weibo, a popular micro-blogging site in the country. In the meantime Mail Nevertheless delete it again.

Users clamor for “sympathy for India”

Thousands of Weibo users responded to the post, which was later shared with screenshots of the original. Many wrote that the post was “inappropriate”. Instead, China should instead “express its sympathy for India.”

“Raise the flag of humanity at this time, show sympathy for India, and establish Chinese society on a high moral level,” wrote Hu Shijin, editor-in-chief of the Chinese “Global Times” magazine.

The Weibo post appeared a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping sent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi his condolences over the worsening Covid-19 virus crisis in the country. Xi stressed that China wants to work more closely with India and provide assistance when needed.

Corona numbers in India have risen rapidly for weeks. Hospitals remain crowded and oxygen is scarce. In total, about 20 million infections and more than 218,000 Covid-19 deaths have been counted in the huge country with the second largest population worldwide.

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Donald Trump in India


Donald Trump in India

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Drone video from improvised crematoriums in India

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