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China suspends economic agreements with Australia

Australia criticizes China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. After the country banned a Chinese trading company from a major trading port, Beijing strikes again.

There is an economic agreement with China Australia Exposed. China’s National Development and Reform Commission announced on Thursday that Beijing has suspended the “Strategic Economic Dialogue Agreement” due to the “current status” of the Australian government. The Prime Minister was in government last month Scott Morrison An agreement was reached between China and the Australian state of Victoria on the “Belt and Road Initiative”.New Silk Road

Beijing accused Australian authorities of “ideological discrimination” and said it was “suspending all action under the agreement indefinitely”.

Australia criticizes Beijing’s growing influence

Relations between Australia China Very tense. Canberra The Chinese company announced on Monday that it was reviewing and canceling the lease agreement for the strategically important port of Darwin.

As part of its Silk Road project, China is expanding transport, trade and industrial infrastructure in many countries. Australia and several other states United States, Criticizes Beijing’s growing influence and claims that Beijing is using the program’s companies and programs as foreign exchange to expand its geopolitical influence.