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China closes the airspace of Russian Boeing and Airbus planes

China closes the airspace of Russian Boeing and Airbus planes

China closed its airspace to some Russian aircraft. The reason for this is the sanctions of the West.

The basics in brief

  • Many Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft are already owned by leasing companies.
  • However, Russia does not want to return it.
  • Now these planes are no longer allowed to fly to China.

According to a media report, China is blocking its airspace for Russian Boeing and Airbus. Ban applies MachinesRussian news agency RBK reported on Friday that its legal status after Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its re-registration in Russia.

It added that China had asked Russian airlines for proof that the planes were no longer registered abroad.

The background to this is the Western sanctions that followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The European Union The United States due to dated Kremlin The military invasion ordered a ban on the supply of civilian aircraft and spare parts to Russia, as well as their maintenance and insurance.

Russia does not want to return the planes

A significant part of the air fleet operating in Russia is owned by Western leasing companies, which terminated their Russian contracting partners. Moscow, in turn, refuses to return the planes and has Machines Re-register without further ado.

It is said that China requested an update of aircraft data in May. The country has asked Russian airlines flying to China to confirm that their planes are no longer officially listed abroad.

RBK stated that airlines could not provide a similar document. This means that the debate is Boeing and AirbusMachines Permission to land and fly has been cancelled.

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