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China.  Another visit from America: US senator lands in Taiwan.

China. Another visit from America: US senator lands in Taiwan.

FILE – Tennessee state Sen. Marsha Blackburn (L), wearing a face mask, speaks with Randall Noel before a hearing of a U.S. Supreme Court nominee for the justice. Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Pool UPI/AP/dpa


Despite tensions with China, another US congresswoman has traveled to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to a German press agency that the plane carrying Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee landed at Changshan Airport in Taipei on Thursday evening (local time). The visit was kept secret until the last minute. The senator had previously visited Fiji, the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

Contrary to initial reports, the US senator arrived alone and without other congressional representatives. It is the third visit from the US Congress this month to the island’s Democratic Republic, following a visit by a group of five congressmen led by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senator Ed Markey. The Communist leadership in Beijing rejects official communications from other countries to Taipei because it considers the island part of the People’s Republic.