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China and Australia: Alleged laser attack escalates controversy

Status: 02/21/2022 2:30 pm

The relationship has been strained for a long time, and now there is a new incident: Australia accuses the plane of carrying out a laser attack. China calls this a “malicious” claim, but has done nothing to clarify.

By Stephen Root, ARD Studio Shanghai, currently Freiburg

Chinese leaders have denied allegations that a Chinese warship used a laser to target an Australian spy plane off the coast of northern Australia. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said Australia’s accounts of the incident were incorrect.

China relies on international law

Normal navigation by international warships by Chinese warships is in accordance with international law and is fine. Wang accused the Australian government of spreading malicious information about China.

The matter is yet to be concluded as a spokesman for the state and party leadership has not commented on the specific allegation that the Chinese warship targeted an Australian spy plane with a laser.

Australia demands explanation

According to the Australian Government, the incident took place on Thursday – north of Australia, near the coast. Accordingly, the Chinese warship targeted Australia’s B-8 spy plane with a laser. It is unprofessional and endangers the lives of aircraft crew.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the conduct of the Chinese navy is unacceptable and irresponsible. He called on the government in Beijing to investigate the incident and answer open-ended questions.

Relationships have long been strained

China’s state and party leadership have repeatedly accused democratically ruling states of illegally infiltrating waters south of China with warships. In return, he has expanded his navy patrols to other parts of the world: for example the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the seas of Australia.

Relations between China and Australia are very bad. It imposed economic and trade fines on Australia after the government in Canberra demanded that the Chinese leadership provide a full explanation of the origin of the Govt 19 epidemic.