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ChatGPT will be integrated into Microsoft Office – opportunities and risks

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – in an illustration generated by artificial intelligence.Photo: openai/dall-e

The Windows group wants to develop its productivity software with artificial intelligence. Office assistant Karl Klammer could resign.

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A few days after a report came out that ChatGPT would be integrated into the Bing search engine, two American journalists revealed bigger plans for an AI chatbot. Accordingly, Microsoft wants to develop its own Office software package with artificial intelligence (AI). This post is about the most important questions.

What exactly does Microsoft intend to do?

Citing multiple sources, the information is that Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT functionality into Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other applications.

For more than a year, Microsoft engineers and researchers have been working to create AI tools dedicated to creating emails and other texts.

What are the odds?

Users of paid Office programs should be able to automatically generate context-appropriate texts with the press of a button. For example, AI can craft an ideal response to a customer’s request. Or create and insert appropriate titles for your slideshows in a flash.

Better search results

One very promising area is finding content quickly. A well-functioning AI has the potential to outperform Google’s search.

For example, thanks to AI, it can be effortlessly known what people are searching for in a mail account, even without typing in the exact keywords found in the relevant emails.

better words

Finally, AI can also recommend changes to the content of text documents, help to recognize and paraphrase (very complex) technical terms, and generally make what is written easier to understand for others.

This means: at best, AI will help human users save a lot of time and other effort. And recipients benefit from more user-friendly content.

What’s in it for Microsoft?

The US company can look forward to generating massive additional income if AI can indeed be integrated into popular Office programs in a way that is sensible and above all secure.

Microsoft has licensed the code behind GPT-3, the natural language model on which artificial intelligence is based. This allows the Windows group to integrate the technology directly into its own products.

The artificial intelligence developed by the American company OpenAI already runs exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform, that is, in the corresponding data centers around the world.

Office accounts for nearly a quarter of Microsoft’s revenue, while cloud work (Azure) accounts for more than 30 percent.

And what are the risks? says integrating AI functions into its productivity software is not without risks.

Users can “believe in a false sense of security that they can find better solutions and answers with such tools than racking their heads”.

At first glance, the AI ​​answers seemed decisive. However, it does not replace specialized knowledge.

In addition, there are data security and data protection risks, which are currently difficult to assess because we do not know the defensive measures.

AI-powered chatbots can be misused to steal data or distribute malware. It is conceivable, for example, that criminals could send cleverly manipulated emails containing malware or attempt to steal usernames and passwords. In addition, AI can also be used to trick unsuspecting people into accessing manipulated websites.

When is this supposed to be released?

This is not known.

What other purposes does Microsoft use AI for?

At its developer conference in May 2021, the company announced that it will integrate artificial intelligence into Microsoft Power Applications To merge. This should enable people with no programming knowledge to create their own applications. You don’t even have to know how to write code or formulas anymore.

New AI-powered functions should make it possible, for example, to develop e-commerce applications by simply formulating the goal of programming.

However, professional developers with programming experience should also benefit. You are relieved from stressful routines and have time for other things.

“GPT-4 is going to be a beast.”

Using ChatGPT, an American company, OpenAI, is currently testing software that can process natural language and provide great-looking answers. It is based on a language processing model called GPT-3 (respectively GPT-3.5). But according to cognitive scientist Gary Marcus, this program is just a precursor to a powerful successor. The American scientist predicts that the new GPT-4 language model, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2023, will overshadow the existing artificial intelligence chatbot and attract more attention. He is quoted as saying, “GPT-4 is going to be a beast.” However, the new program will also have the same vulnerabilities as the previous one. The AI ​​model lacks a “basic understanding of the world”, which sometimes leads to egregious – or even more serious, very subtle – errors.


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