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Charles Coronation: What are the duties of Harry and Meghan?

Charles Coronation: What are the duties of Harry and Meghan?

Coronation of Charles III

What are the duties of William, Harry and Co. at the ceremony?

Within a few weeks King Charles III. crowned. It is now clear what roles the royals will play at the festival.


On May 6th, King Charles III. And his royal wife, Camilla, 75, was ceremonially crowned in London.

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  • On the 6th of May, Charles III. (74) He was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

  • More and more details about the big party are slowly becoming known.

  • The members of the royal family have to play different roles in the coronation.

There are only a few weeks left until the big event Coronation of Charles III (74) in Westminster Abbey. The exact course of the ceremony has become more real, As well as the guest list. Although the monarch will be the focus on May 6, the rest of the royal family also have different tasks to do at the ceremony.

Queen Camilla

Charles’ wife was officially proclaimed queen in Westminster Abbey. The two will go through the same ritual side by side. The 75-year-old finally gets Queen Mary’s crown. It is the first time in a long time that a historic crown has been used instead of creating a new one. According to Buckingham Palace, the reason for this is “sustainability and efficiency.”

Prince William

With the coronation of Charles, William (40) will become the direct heir to the throne. Therefore, he played a prominent role in the festivities. And according to The Sunday Times, he will kneel before his father during the ceremony, swear allegiance to him, touch the tiara and kiss Charles on the cheek. a task usually undertaken by royal dukes. He will also be part of the procession that will return to the palace and climb onto the balcony with his father. There he is accompanied by his wife Kate Middleton (41 years old).

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) are said to accompany the king and his wife when they leave the abbey after the service. They will then return to Buckingham Palace with their parents in a carriage behind the royal couple’s Golden State coach. with the By involving the heir to the throne and their children in the coronation, Charles and Camilla are breaking with royal tradition. In the past, the successors did not actively participate in the ceremony, but merely watched.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It is still not clear if the two are He will travel to London to attend the coronation ceremony. If they do appear, they have no formal role in the event as the so-called “royals”. Sons Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, have yet to receive an invitation. According to the royal historian D. Tessa Dunlop should invite King Archie (3). “He is celebrating his fourth birthday at the coronation. Charles was very present at the coronation in 1953 and he was four years old.”

Prince Andrew

It is not yet clear if the 63-year-old will attend the coronation ceremony. If he is among the guests, he has no part in the ceremony. In addition, he is not allowed to wear any of the formal royal robes.

Camila’s grandson

Multiple sources believe the coronation will feature rarely seen guests, led by Camilla’s grandson. Lola (15), Freddy (13), Eliza (15) and twins Gus and Louis (13) must hold an umbrella over their grandmother while they anoint her with holy oil.

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