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Charles’ Coronation: George, Charlotte and Louis Break Tradition

Charles’ Coronation: George, Charlotte and Louis Break Tradition

heir to the throne

George, Charlotte and Louis broke tradition by attending the coronation

When King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned in Westminster Abbey on May 6, the heirs to the throne also play an important part in the main procession.


New photos of the Wills family: Kensington Palace has released new photos of Princess Kate and her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, for Mother’s Day in the UK.

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  • On May 6, King Charles III. (74) and King Camilla (75) are crowned in Westminster Abbey.

  • As reported by The Times, Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) will play an important role in the main procession.

  • The involvement of the heirs to the throne in the coronation would, in fact, be a novelty.

Guest list for the coronation of King Charles III. (74) and King Consort Camilla (75) On the 6th of May in Westminster Abbey He’s getting taller Concert plans are becoming more concrete: As the British “Times” has now reported, the three children of Princess Kate (41) and Prince William (40) will be involved and play an important role.

Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) are said to accompany the king and his wife when they leave the abbey after the service. They will then return to Buckingham Palace with their parents in a carriage behind the royal couple’s Golden State Coach.

With the participation of the heir to the throne and their children at the coronation, Charles and Camilla broke with royal tradition. In the past, the successors did not actively participate in the ceremony, but merely watched. This was the case with then-Prince Charles, who only attended his mother’s coronation in 1953, and with Queen Elizabeth at the coronation of her father, King George VI, in 1937.

The children of King Consort Camilla attend the coronation

The information has not been confirmed by the British court. Officially, Kensington Palace still says the Prince and Princess of Wales are still considering what role George and Charlotte could play on the big day. In fact, the royal children’s participation in public events has not been confirmed beforehand. This particularly affects Prince Louis, who will only be five years old in April.

The youngest of Wales was absent from Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral last September, along with his siblings. At the time, he was said to be too young to attend the service. What is certain is that Camilla’s descendants will take an active part in the coronation. And according to the Sunday Times, they will hold a canopy over the king’s wife as she is anointed with holy oil.

Princess Anne (72) with her husband, Vice-Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence (68), Duke Edward of Edinburgh (59) and his wife, Duchess Sophie (58), and Richard, Duke of Gloucester (78), Duchess of Gloucester (76) and Duke of Kent (87) and Princess Alexandra (86) leaving Westminster Abbey. Prince Andrew (63) and his daughters Princess Eugenie (32) and Princess Beatrice (34) are not planning to march Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) must accept the invitation.

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