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Charles and William were disappointed to accompany the Queen

Charles and William were disappointed to accompany the Queen

Prince Andrew played a prominent role at his late father’s memorial service. That shouldn’t be appropriate for Prince Charles and Prince William.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Andrew accompanied his mother to the royal family’s memorial service yesterday.
  • For the scandalous prince, it was his first public appearance since the abuse suit.
  • The heir to the throne, Charles, and his son are said to have been disappointed with the performance.

Royal fans were amazed! Ironically, Prince Andrew (62) Accompany the Queen at the memorial service her late husband Prince Philip (99). It was the Duke of York’s first public appearance since he reached an out-of-court settlement with the abuse complainant. Thus, the Queen once again proves her support for the prince’s scandal.

Apparently a general statement Prince Charles (73) and son of Prince William (39) It wasn’t appropriate at all. A royal expert analyzed the Queen’s decision to MailOnline and concluded: “You must have been very disappointed and very worried about Andrew’s presence. Even if they probably knew the Queen’s decision.”

Angela Levine is convinced that the heir to the throne and his son have made a good face for a bad game. “You knew the Queen had a sweet spot for Prince Andrew. If she wanted her favorite son to accompany her, she could.”

It was one of those moments when the Queen was in her position and Mother As well as a royal president. “She obviously needs someone to help her with this little walk.”

Do you think Prince Andrew should not have attended the memorial service?

Especially cruel to Charles: at the end of the service, he also stood up as if he wanted to help the Queen. But she ignored him and turned to Prince Andrew instead. However, royal expert Levine does not assume that Charles was outraged by the Queen’s decision.

She added that Andrew in both cases He will no longer play a role in the royal family when Charles takes power. William also shares this assessment. “They expect him to go and they will take care of that.”

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