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Charlene von Monaco won't go home until October

Charlene von Monaco won’t go home until October

Charlene from Monaco is still stuck in South Africa. It seems that the reunion with her family in the principality has moved further.

The basics in brief

  • Charlene von Monaco has been stuck in her old home in South Africa for months.
  • Now she announces that she will have to stay there for another three months.
  • But at the end of August, her husband, Prince Albert, and their children are due to visit her.

what’s wrong with that? In fact, Charlene von Monaco (43 years old) is supposed to be back in Europe a long time ago Be with her family. The beautiful princess has been stuck in her ancient homeland in South Africa for weeks.

Originally, a relatively short ten to twelve day trip for charity was planned. But the 43-year-old developed an ear, nose and throat infection and was therefore not allowed to go home.

Compared to RSA, Prince Albert’s wife, 63, has now reported that her trip home is out of reach. “I can’t force a cure, so I will be stuck in South Africa until the end of October.” Charlene von Monaco talks about a ‘waiting game’ and reveals: ‘Another intervention is pending’, but she is relieved.

Charlene von Monaco will soon receive a visit from her family

However, her stay in South Africa is not easy for her. It’s been “difficult months” so far, far from her family, from her children. “This is the longest time I’ve been away from Europe and my children,” explains the princess.

the Mother the twins Gabriella and Jack (both 6 years old) reveal that they are with their kids You often have a Facetime connection. She reveals, “I’ve been here too, come to Natal and will be back after the surgery.”

Laut «» hat Prince Albert’s Journey With the children to South Africa planned for the end of August. As far as the political situation permits, so is the American news site.

Charlene von Monaco stuck in South Africa – struggling with her mother?

Charlene von Monaco repeats: “It’s a waiting game. I can’t predict how the healing process will go. But yes, I am very sad that I cannot be with my children in Europe this summer.”

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