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Charlene von Monaco: She must have another operation

Charlene von Monaco: She must have another operation

worry Charlene von Monaco (43)! The princess has not been able to return to Monaco for weeks. For health reasons, wife Prince Albert (63) She does not travel and therefore must reside in her old home in South Africa.

Albert and Charlene also had to spend their wedding day separately from Monaco. Take a look at the romantic story of their love in the video above.

After undergoing a sinus lift and orthopedic implant, a procedure recommended by dentists when you need dental implants and don’t have enough space in your jaw, Charlene pulled one out. Ear, nose and throat infection Also, currently making it impossible to return to her family. Now follows the next bad news: Charlene has to undergo another surgery!

According to a press release issued by the Prince’s Palace, the princess will undergo a four-hour operation under general anesthesia on Friday (13 August). Concerns about Charlene remain. Not an easy time for a princess who has gone through such difficult hours Without husband Albert and shared twins jack And Gabriella (both 6) currently in the Principality of Monaco. But the press release also states that Albert and his twins will travel to South Africa the next day to support Charlene. More details about the process are not yet available.