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Charlene of Monaco: Will you never go back to Monaco?

Charlene of Monaco: Will you never go back to Monaco?

Charlene from Monaco is recovering in a clinic and is making good progress with her treatment. Now the princess is thinking of radically changing her life.

the message that Albert (63) declared in the French daily “Nice Matin” that there is cause for hope: “Princess Charlene is doing much better and I hope she will return to the principality very soon.” A few hours later, the prince traveled to his wife, who is being treated in a private clinic in Switzerland To talk about back. It is said that the meeting went differently than planned. though Charlene (44) Significant progress in her recovery. She could finally fall asleep again and think clearly. But as the magazine “Voici” reported, she does not want to return to Monaco, but longs for a quiet life with her twins. jack And the Gabriella (7) Outside the palace walls. Through treatment, Charlene is said to have calmed down for the first time in many years and to begin to rethink her life. “I realized that it wouldn’t do her any good to live in Monaco again,” Voici quotes a confidant of the princess. One of the main causes of her mental health problems was too much public pressure.

Charlene from Monaco recently reported from the clinic. You can see what she said in the video above.

Charlene does not feel comfortable in court and suffers from homesickness

The former South African Olympic swimmer never made it to the Monaco community. Charlene does not feel comfortable in court and suffers from homesickness. When she had to stay in her former home for several months due to an illness, she said it was good to be home. However, she misses her twin terribly. A few days after her return she was admitted to the clinic. Albert flew to it four times with the children. They each stayed a few hours and last visited for one night. She really enjoyed the time with her twins, says a confidant of the princess. Letting her go broke her heart.

Albert’s sister Caroline became a surrogate mother

Voici writes that she made the decision to leave Monaco not only for herself but also for the sake of the twins. Charlene is said to be afraid that Jack and Gabriella, like her, might break up alive in the golden cage. Albert’s sister Caroline (65) She becomes a surrogate mother and lovingly looks after the Prince’s children. She is the only one who has more conservative ideas about raising the two than their mother. “Voici” reported that the Princess of Hanover takes care of the education of the twins, who are currently receiving private lessons. When Charlene learned about this, an argument broke out with Albert. For Charlene’s therapeutic success, it is important not only to break through her previous ill-healthy behavioral patterns, but also to change her environment.

A normal, carefree childhood, like that of Charlene who desires her little treasures, is not possible

Albert is a loving father and worries a lot about Charlene, according to those close to him. But as a prince, he is subject to certain limitations that cannot be changed. One day his son Jack will inherit it, and one day his daughter will take on important official duties. Albert wants to ideally prepare his offspring for these responsible tasks. Thus, a normal, carefree childhood, as Charlene would like for her little treasures, is not possible. As the wife of the Prince of Monaco, she has little chance of carrying out her wishes regarding her children. Albert traveled to Rovaniemi in Lapland with the twins a few days after his visit to Switzerland. Santa Claus is supposed to be there. Perhaps he fulfills the princely family’s heart’s greatest desire: that all will be well again soon.

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