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Krankheit - Jetzt soll endlich die Wahrheit über Charlène ans Licht

Charlene of Monaco looks sad – Prince Albert explains

Charlene of Monaco oozes heartbreak in her first public appearance in months. Her husband, Albert, explains how the princess works.

The basics in brief

  • Charlene made her first public appearance in months.
  • The Princess of Monaco was treated for an illness in a private clinic.
  • The 44-year-old does not look very happy in the FIA-E World Championship.

after a long illness Charlene put on April 30 in FIAFormula E World Championship in Monaco First public appearance there. The 44-year-old came with her husband Prince Albert (64 years old). There were also her two children, Prince Jack and Princess Gabriella (7 years old).

However, the princess smiled at the event Unusual sadness and melancholy out of place. Only her daughter Gabriella managed to put a fleeting smile on her face.

Prince Albert talks about Charlene’s condition

The Prince of Monaco is visiting Sweden alone at the moment. In Gothenburg, he was honored by the Perfect World Foundation for his commitment to the environment. He also revealed there on the red carpet about Charlene’s performance at the moment. This was reported by the Swedish news portal “Expressen”.

“It works very well,” Albert told the Swedish newspaper. “They’ve come out in public and more will come out in the future.” This statement should reassure royal fans. It gives hope to see more of the 44-year-old soon.

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