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Chancellor Scholes meets Premier Albanese in Berlin

Chancellor Scholes meets Premier Albanese in Berlin

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made their inaugural visit to the Federal Chancellery. Deepening ties was on the agenda – particularly on the economy, energy and security policy.

Common Challenges to Protecting Ukraine

Looking ahead NATO– Summit in Vilnius The President stressed the importance of the exchange on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and highlighted Australia’s enormous military and humanitarian support for Ukraine. He thanked for the strong signal of solidarity with Ukraine – and with Europe.

“I am particularly pleased that this autumn, Australia will also be contributing to aerial surveillance in the Eastern Alliance region. AWACSFlight in Germany, or to be more precise: in Ramstein,” said Scholes.

In this context, he again pointed to the importance of a rules-based international order and explained that borders must be accepted and not pushed back by force: “The law of the strong does not apply, but the force of law must be enforced,” the president said.

Close bilateral relations and economic ties

Schalls praised the very close, friendly and lively relations between Australia and Germany, defined by cultural exchange and personal contacts, close political cooperation and economic ties.

With regard to bilateral economic relations, he explained with a view to national security strategy: “On economic security, diversification and resilience of supply chains, we have agreed to cooperate more closely.” An ambitious free trade agreement between The EU and Australia will support both regions to expand trade relations and reduce dependence on individual suppliers from both countries.


A press release issued by Australian President and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

“For the same reason, we agreed today to further deepen cooperation between our economies in developing supply chains for critical minerals and raw materials,” he said. A collaborative study will identify concrete possibilities for collaboration.

Cooperation in the field of armaments

The federal chancellor noted the increased cooperation on the arms issue: “I am pleased with the just-concluded basic agreement on the Boxer. It underlines our firm desire to intensify our strategic cooperation as a close and valued partner,” said Scholz.

with a corresponding Agreed in principle On the sidelines of the visit, Australia agreed to supply Germany with more than 100 armored personnel carriers. They are manufactured by Rhinemet in the Australian state of Queensland.

A collective commitment to climate neutrality

Cooperation in climate-friendly energy supply was a topic of discussion: “The companies of Germany and Australia should further intensify cooperation in the production and transport of green hydrogen,” the chancellor said. In this way, both countries can make an important contribution to climate neutrality.

Schaalz indicated that Australia and Germany would expand their existing energy partnership into a climate partnership to more effectively address climate change: “And I’m pleased that Australia has announced that. Climate Club Join”.

Anthony Albanese He has been the Prime Minister of Australia since 23 May 2022. In 2007 he was appointed Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government in the first Government of Kevin Rudd. In June 2013 he became Deputy Prime Minister in the second Rudd Cabinet.