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Challenge League: Half of the League can still go up

99 per cent of the time FC Zurich win the championship, 99 per cent of the time Lausanne are relegated: While it appears that the most important decisions have already been made in the Premier League, there is high tension in the next league. Seven laps to go, Winterthur, Aarau, Schaffhausen and Vaduz are 1-4 on five points – and Thun, in fifth, is nine points behind leader Wente and still has justified hopes, at least for Barageplatz.

When it comes to the issue of progress, the best fortune teller will reach their limits. So far, none of the top teams have made a strong impression. Example: After five wins in February and a five-point lead at the top of the table, FC Arau lost four of their last five matches and had to relinquish the lead to Winterthur.