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Challenge League: goalkeeper Aarau Enzler heads out for an exciting promotional film

Only the hardcore dare to watch the scene again on TV: Everdun forward Elliott slams his leg into the head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles goalkeeper Simon Insler with full force and no ball potential. Enzler lies motionless and is cared for by his terrified co-workers, while Elliott plays an innocent Lamb who is lucky to have been warned only of his reckless actions.

Meanwhile, Enzler’s parents, who attend practically every game their son plays, live anxious minutes in the stands at the Stade Municipal. Huge relief when Enzler got back on his feet. According to Blick’s information, Enzler wanted to continue playing, which, of course, was immediately forbidden by the doctors. A concussion was diagnosed at the hospital, but Enzler had no fractures.