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Challenge League: Aarau defeats FC Thun 2-1 thanks to Almeida

Challenge League: Aarau defeats FC Thun 2-1 thanks to Almeida

Challenge League

The winning goal in the 94th minute: Almeida hit Arau with the Lucky Punch title to win 2-1 over Thun.

FC Aarau beat FC Thun 2-1 in the Challenge League match of the year. The winner of the match is striker Mikael Almeida, with his goal in the 94th minute.

Cheers to Arau Club and coach Stefan Keeler in the middle.


What an intense, fast-paced, frenetic and exciting game until the final whistle! FC Thun and FC Arau 2,743 spectators at Stockhorn Arena delighted with a very distinctive attacking spectacle, and then, when almost everyone was satisfied with the 1-1 draw, FCA Joker Mikael Almeida scored in the 94th minute. Shortly after Fabian Rodlin gave the match ball from For Thun, the Portuguese in FC Aarau’s gown put icing on a strawberry cake and scored the winning goal with an artistic gem. Seconds later, coach Stefan Keeler’s team celebrated their second victory in the second game of the new season.

Enzler saves the lead in desperate need – and a wrong decision by the referee

What a start for FC Aarau in the 2021/22 season, what a start for FC Aarau in the Thun match: Keller took the lead after just eight minutes thanks to a header from Donat Rrudhani. The quick hit had a hilarious effect on the Thuners. Bernese Oberland built his strength, putting the impressive defensive opponent under pressure and coming close to an equaliser midway through the first half. Half an hour later, Marco Borki hit the crossbar with a bang from 30 meters (30). And after a short time, Daniel Dos Santos forced Simon Inzler to tackle brilliantly with a low shot from ten meters (37).

Donut Rodani gives FCA an early lead.

Donut Rodani gives FCA an early lead.

Fresh Fox

Shortly before the break, FC Aarau was back on the trigger. And how! Shkelzen Gashi scored Aarau’s second goal on the foot in front of Andreas Hirzel, but failed due to a good reaction from the Thun goalkeeper. Shortly thereafter, referee Luca Sibelli was supposed to decide a penalty after Pius Dorn scored Kevin Spadanuda inside the penalty area. And what was Sibley doing? Spadanoda warned of an alleged stab! An obvious wrong decision by the game director who completely overshadowed him in this scene. Aarau’s narrow lead into the intermission was well deserved. Thun had more possession in the first half (56 percent), but Arao had better chances.

Are you already a guest in Neuchâtel on Tuesday – and finish with a third win in a row?

After the frantic final stage of the first half, the match flattened out a bit. But only until the 60th minute: Then devious Thun striker Saleh Shehadeh tricked Aarau’s players, Leon Bergsma and Jan Kronig, within fractions of a second, with a shot from the turn to make the score 1-1. 150 minutes into the 2021/22 season, Enzler was hit for the first time. The draw at the Bernese Oberland was well deserved. But what now? Thon continued to press, and he wanted victory. FC Arau felt no relief, after a solo effort from Spadanuda and a brilliant final attempt by Fiat Chrysler’s best player, they were close to another opening goal. In the final stage of the match, both teams were scoring 2:1 on the foot. There was an open exchange of blows. The game swung back and forth.

In the end, Aarau kept the better ending to themselves. A better finish achieved by Almeida & Co thanks in large part to the great performance. Less than a week after the 2-0 win over Schaffhausen, Aarau presented themselves at their best on the artificial turf at the Stockhorn Arena. After the 2-1 success in Thun, Aarau only had three days to renew. The guest match in Neuchâtel against Xamax follows on Tuesday. Back on artificial turf! Let’s see if that will be enough for a third win in a row.

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