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CES 2023: The first details about the new LG OLED lineup

LG has revealed the first details about its OLED plans for 2023. Specifically, the manufacturer has confirmed the C3, G3 and Z3 series of models. There will certainly be new A and B series again, but LG traditionally doesn’t talk about it until later. as part of CES 2023 LG will of course present its new range of TVs in more detail. But we would like to share with you the details that have now been published.

Very good news: LG’s new TVs support QMS-VRR for the first time, just like LG writes in his press release. This is also an advantage The new third generation Apple TV 4K Offers. QMS-VRR (Quick Media Switch using VRR) allows frame rate to be switched automatically without any interruption. So currently it appears that the QMS screen stays black for a moment when changing the frame rate. QMS-VRR eliminates these dropouts. However, the function only works if both the operator and television give support. The new LG OLEDs are among the first TVs with QMS-VRR.

LG OLED 2023 uses evo panels. | Image: LG

Alpha9 Gen6 4K AI serves as the chip for the new TVs. This processor also has some innovations in the box. It should therefore allow for increased color fidelity, combined with increased luminosity. AI Picture Pro also provides enhanced upscaling. AI Picture Pro also recognizes faces and objects to improve HDR rendering. This is joined by AI Sound Pro for virtual surround sound 9.1.2.

OLED TV LG can regularly rank high on our list of the best TVs we’ve tested, thanks mainly to its picture quality. You can see how the 2022 TVs compare to models from other manufacturers here:

LG OLED evo G3 with new Brightness Booster Max

The LG OLED evo G3 in particular introduces a new technology called Brightness Booster Max. It offers a new light control architecture and light amplification algorithms that can increase luminosity by up to 70 percent. The single wall design also ensures that there are no visible gaps after wall mounting. Of course, all of LG’s new OLED screens also retain support Dolby Atmos And the Dolby Vision as well as full HDMI2.1 port in a. Thus, ALLM, 4K at 120 Hz, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) And eARC is on board.

Unfortunately, there’s also bad news: The LG TV The year 2023 will increasingly rely on advertising in its interface. You will receive personalized recommendations based on your TV behavior and viewing habits. Then there’s the AI ​​Concierge, which aims to suggest a curated list of content that will also be based on your usage and searches. This definitely will not appeal to everyone. Generally brings something new webOS Newly designed All New Home user interface, which should greatly expand customization options.

LG OLED 2023 uses a new webOS with an increased focus on advertising.
LG OLED 2023 uses a new webOS with an increased focus on advertising. | Image: LG

So-called express cards are also new to the user interface. They allow access to the content and services that you use most often. They are grouped according to categories such as home office, games, music, and sports. LG also wants to add a function called “WOW Orchestra” via the update. This is basically LG’s anti-Q-Symphony from Samsung, which is all over the place QN95A Uses. Both systems should be your TV, yours sound bar And let all the other TV speakers in the setup work in tandem.

HIFI.DE is also up to date for CES in Las Vegas. You can learn more about the new LG OLED from us in the next few days. Keep us too YouTube channel With the aim of getting first-hand impressions from the exhibition.

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