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CES 2023: Samsung showcases a smart fridge with a 32-inch TV

Samsung Electronics announced a product for CES 2023 that looks a bit odd: a custom-built Family Hub Plus refrigerator with a 32-inch diagonal LC screen. Basically, this Bespoke series fridge can also act as a TV. The screen resolution is 1080p and provides you with an easy to use Samsung Plus TV employment. This platform allows you to access different channels, sometimes exclusively. The device can also act as a smart home hub. So will the refrigerator With the Samsung SmartThings platform reticular.

Unfortunately, Samsung is involved in His press release It’s not yet clear if the Bespoke Refigerator Family Hub Plus will do the trick either The new smart home standard is important will support. However, we think this is likely. Because Samsung One of Matter’s biggest supporters. In any case, you can also manage and control your smart home remotely on the touch screen of your new refrigerator. In the US, it will be possible to reorder products directly via Amazon Your Essentials.

The Samsung Bespoke Refigerator Family Hub Plus can also act as a digital picture frame. | Image: Samsung

With the so-called Bespoke Atelier, you can also use your Samsung refrigerator as a digital photo frame. This is mentioned Modern The Frame TVs. The refrigerator will then display the selected artwork. You are also free to use it with picture-in-picture mode. Then, you can multitask cooking recipes at about the same time you’re streaming a music channel on Samsung TV Plus. Or you can control your smart home and watch the news at the same time. The possibilities are multiple.

Samsung Bespoke Refigerator Family Hub Plus is optimized for personal videos

According to Samsung, the fridge display is optimized for portrait mode videos, which are standard on Instagram, TikTok, and Also YouTube increasingly taking center stage. At the end of the day, Samsung offers a triple-function refrigerator. On the one hand, it is a classic refrigerator, and on the other hand, it is also a TV and a smart home control center. For example, you can use the Family Hub to control lights, blinds, sensors, and more.

Links to Microsoft’s cloud platform OneDrive and Google Photos are also possible. You can download photos to Family Hub or share content you created on your fridge with other devices via Google Photos. Well, now we’re missing two pieces of information: How much does Samsung’s custom-designed Family Hub Plus refrigerator cost? And when will the device appear in Germany?

Although: given the energy crisis, it would also be interesting to see how a refrigerator consumes electricity. Because the LC screen must also agree to something. But you can safely assume that you can also choose to turn it on only if you activate it manually. We’ll definitely learn more about the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, which starts next week.

Will the new Samsung refrigerator be an interesting product for you? Or would you prefer to unplug your devices and use eg b. A separate device as a smart home hub?