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Cem Özdemir was nominated as Minister of Agriculture

Cem Özdemir was nominated as Minister of Agriculture

The faltering “traffic light” start continues. The Greens praise their demands for quotas and proportional representation and outwit their group leader. In place of Anton Hofriter, foreign politician Ozdemir is said to have become Minister of Agriculture after a violent conflict.

Cem Ozdemir was born in Aurach, Baden-Württemberg, and was Chairman of the Green Party from 2008 to 2018.

Stefan Bonis / EPON / IMAGO

In the past few weeks, no term has come out as easily from the German Green Party leadership as the “New Style”. The coalition agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party was presented as evidence of a new political style, as was the way the three parties dealt with each other and the cooperation between President Habek and Barbock. But now that the Greens had to name their ministers for the future federal government, the old pattern, slapping and stabbing between wings, between “Realos” and “Fundis” is back. Although the row with Cem Ozdemir’s candidacy as agriculture minister is now over, this “traffic light” snag shows that the Greens are a perfectly normal party where harmony is organized and power struggles are exercised.