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Cell Phone Damage?: The 6 Most Common Cell Phone Damages — and What You Can Do

Cell Phone Damage?: The 6 Most Common Cell Phone Damages — and What You Can Do

Breaking Point is evidence of the difficult collision between modern technology and the unpredictability of everyday life.

Sudden drops on the ground, extreme temperatures, or a sudden dive – there are countless ways your phone can break. One mishap or one moment of negligence and it's over. But don't worry: you're not alone.

Do you know this situation: Your smartphone fell on the ground, the display screen is pointing down, and you don't dare to pick it up and face the unpleasant truth?

Now you can console yourself with the fact that your phone is probably not a Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6. This is 24k gold plated and has a solid pink diamond on the back. At $48.5 million, it is the most expensive mobile phone sold to date. So, take a deep breath and come back down to earth.

We have all probably encountered a damaged cell phone and we know exactly how inconvenient something like this can be. That is why we will not leave you alone in your misfortune Preventive measures and repair tips I collected for you:

1. Screen break

Classic. Unfortunately, it happened very quickly, but with the right people Mobile covers, Protection films and tempered glass Unsightly split displays can easily be avoided. By the way: there are also protective films for camera lenses.

The success of toothpaste polishing of (very) small scratches is debatable, but if you still want to try it, line up the charging jack, speakers, and microphone beforehand so you don't risk water damage. We recommend that you do not replace the screen yourself, as doing so incorrectly may cause further damage and may also void the manufacturer's warranty. It's best to look for help in one Swisscom maintenance center.

2. Water damage

Newer models are largely waterproof or at least waterproof, but older smartphones don't like to be submerged. Water resistant cases Or just a resealable freezer bag or something similar. Keep your phone dry when you go kayaking.

If your phone has taken a shower, turn it off, wipe it with a towel, then leave it to dry in a bag of rice for a few days before turning it on again. True to the motto: wait and drink the tea – don't spill it!

3. Battery damage

To prevent battery malfunctions, you should avoid extreme temperatures and use only suitable charging accessories.

In most cases, replacing a faulty battery is not a problem and will help you, thanks to your completed data Cell phone insuranceOf course, it's not out of peace either.

4. Defective charging sockets

Use if possible Original charging cables and chargersAvoid moisture, side pressure, twisting and forcibly plugging or disconnecting the cable.

If the charging socket is simply dirty, you can clean it carefully using a soft brush or a special cleaning tool to remove dust and dirt. If the charging jack is very dirty or if the charging jack is bent, has loose contacts or even broken contacts, it is recommended to seek professional help to avoid any damage.

5. Software problems

Always keep your operating system up to date, use strong passwords and Password manager. Store your data securely in clouds.

Try restarting your phone or resetting it to factory settings. If all else fails, seek help from a repair center.

6. Loss or theft

Never leave your beloved smartphone unattended; Carry it close to your body in crowded places and not in the outside pockets of your luggage. Uses Smart tags or Air signsTo always know where your phone is and easily find it again at any time.

Immediately report the theft to the police and be happy that your cell phone is secured.

Ready for a fun fact?

Astronauts are not allowed to take their cell phones into space because radiation in space can interfere with electronic devices. It's a shame, because at least cell phones won't fall to Earth on the space station.

For all worldly concerns you will find everything you need in it Swisscom online store And to us Mobile phone and internet subscription We will not let you down.

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